5 Staple Items You Must Have in Your Closet

5 Staple Items You Must Have in Your Closet
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5 Staple Items You Should Have in Your Closet

Hello Indigoers! My name is Stephanie Ali, I went to the University of Florida and currently work at an advertising agency and part-time blog (here is my website www.Stephadot.com, Instagram @ Stephadot and LIKEtoKNOW.it @Stephadot). I very honored to write this guestblog for Indigo Closet! Hope you enjoy my post: 5 Staple Items You Should Have in Your Closet post!

There are a couple days out of the week that I really just don’t feeling like dressing up or choosing out an outfit with accessories to match. So here are 5 staple items that I would suggest keeping at arm’s reach for those days you aren’t feeling that “I woke up like this” vibe.

1. Leather jacket
I think it’s a good idea to invest in a jacket that can be worn in all weathers with any outfit. Leather Jackets are my go-to! Mixing a polka dot dress or midi skirt with a leather jacket, makes it edgy but still girly. It’s also super easy to throw on with a jeans and t-shirt.

2. High-waisted ankle jeans
High-waisted anything has been in for a while and that’s why it’s such a great staple item because on those days you feel self-conscience or bloated, high-waisted jeans make it comfortable. You can add any kind of top which can easily be tucked in. Ankle length also makes it easy to slip on any type of shoes.

3. Hoop earrings
Hoop earrings have made a comeback, they are simple and timeless. Hoop earrings can be paired with all outfit types and the ones with the clip back make it easy to pop on and off without worrying about losing the rubber backing. I usually go for medium size.

4. Neutral colored wrap midi dress
The wrap midi dress is iconic! You don’t have to worry shaving your legs from the shin up lol. But honestly, midi dresses are so chic and easy to throw on with all different types or shoes and accessories.

5. White cotton shirt
A classic cotton short sleeve shirt is refined and sophisticated. You can readily add a white tee to several bottom products. White tees are fresh and create a sense of sharpness.These items are essentials that I suggest to build a staple wardrobe.

Thank you for reading my tips and thoughts on creating a staple wardrobe. If you’re looking for a similar staple items
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