Bang for Your Buck!

Bang for Your Buck!
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Hey guys!! I’m Abby from @lovefashionably_. One thing about me is I LOVE a good bargain! No matter how you slice it, if I’m going to save then I’m going to spend🤗—but I’m going to make sure I get the most out of it! I’m definitely a “bang for your buck” kind of a girl! When shopping for new pieces I always think, “How many times am I going to wear this compared to the price?” For example, if it’s $40 am I going to wear it 40 times?! Another thing I always think about is, “How many different ways can I wear this?!” I love taking every day pieces and dressing them up, and likewise, taking dressier pieces and dressing them down. I mean a sequin can go everywhere right?! Indigo Closet has so many great pieces that you can easily take from day to night. Here I’m sharing two rompers and two dresses and giving you 8 new outfits!! So...are you ready for it?! (And yes that’s in my best Taylor Swift voice😉)
Look 1: Delilah Backless Romper
I mean how cute is this romper?! Perfect for a date night, a girls night, or for a Bachelorette party (which is what I saved this stunner for)! The back is to die for! Throw on a fun pair of heels and earrings and that’s it! But wait, that’s not all this romper is good for!! Throw on a cute graphic tee and some flats and Bibbiti Bobbiti Boo you are out the door ready for a Saturday around town!
Look 2: Date Night Dress 
This fun, oh so stunning dress is a no brainer to add to your summer wardrobe! Throw on some heels and you’re good to go! BUT the fun part of this dress is that it can easily slide into a day look at the blink of a shoe! Throw on a blue jean jacket and some cute sneaker wedges and this instantly goes from date night to brunch with your girls! 
Look 3: Christina Ruffle Romper
This is the perfect summer concert romper!! I paired it with my wedges and wore it to see Carrie Underwood last month! It would also look just as fabulous with a great pair of heels! 
But the unexpected surprise of this romper is how comfortable it is!! It made me want to wear it all the time! So with a little creativity I took this romper from a night out to Saturday morning running errands! I mean when it’s this cute how could you not?!!
Look 4: Paprika Ruffle Dress
The name alone speaks to how fun this dress is! I remember looking at the dress over and over again thinking that it was so cute, but I just didn’t know if I would get the most bang for my buck with it! Oh boy was I wrong, and I’m so glad I was!! It’s the cutest thing ever and so, so easy to wear from day to night—again with only a few accessory changes!
Feeling inspired yet?!! Like Cinderella one shoe can change your life...well okay maybe not every time but it definitely will change an outfit!! I love to live the heel life so for me a great pair of basic heels instantly makes an outfit ready for a night out! The hard part can sometimes be to not stay stuck only wearing your graphic tees, dresses, or rompers one way! I’m hoping you are now ready to take your pieces from day to night and beyond with just a few accessory changes!!
I mean you never know one shoe...just might change your life!😉
Love Fashionably,


  • Tianna Stevens: July 04, 2019

    This is super cute!

  • Jalexus Hall: July 04, 2019

    In love with these looks !!

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