Date Night Outfits That Aren't Dresses

Date Night Outfits That Aren't Dresses
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  1. Jumpsuit & clutch: Simple and easy going a jumpsuit can be appropriate for all kinds of dates. For casual dates pair with sandals or booties and for fancy events add hanging earrings and a jeweled clutch.
  2. Off the shoulder top & jeggings: What I love most about jeggings is that not only are they form fitting and stylish but they allow you to breathe! Perfect for a dinner date or the movies where you'll be sitting for a few hours. Off the shoulder tops show off your collar bone and add a little heat to the outfit without revealing too much skin.
  3. All black: Until they make a color darker than black this will always be my staple. Black conquers all seasons and occasions effortlessly. It's the most flattering color and the most easy to find. Black is slimming and elongates your body, while hiding small flaws boosting your confidence. My suggestion for pairing black pieces is to find similar tones or wearing a one piece jumpsuit or romper. When you're wearing a mismatched black top and pants in can cut the lean line if one color is much lighter or faded than the other. I like to pair silky cami tops with black jeggings.
  4. High-waisted pants and a crop top: This is such a cute outfit for happy hour, meeting the friends for the first time or a date night on the town. The high-waisted pants accentuate your figure by creating an hourglass shape and crop tops are casual.
  5. Jeans, a colored top and neutral shoes: It's a well publicized fact that men are most attracted to the color red. If you want to play by science rules, wear a red top with jeans and nude heels. The nude heels are the best match for red and elongate the appearance of your legs.


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