Graphic Tees: 3 Fun Ways to Style Them

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Graphic Tees: 3 fun ways to style them.


Graphic tees are an amazing way to express yourself in a fun and very creative way. If you thought that these popular t-shirts were only suitable for casual, weekend wear, think again! There are many ways to wear your favorite graphic tee for any occasion (except, of course, for very smart occasions).


Whether you are looking for an effortless, weekend look, or you need something smarter, below are three great ways to style your graphic tees.

 1)With shorts and tied in the front.

A pair of shorts and a t-shirt is the essential summer outfit but it can get a bit boring if you don’t try and get a little creative every now and then. A graphic tee and a pair of neutral shorts can look incredibly stylish if you tuck the tee in at the front. You may also want to accessorize this look with an interesting necklace and perhaps some bracelets to give it that extra edge.


2) Tucked into a skirt

Obviously, most offices won’t allow graphic tees to be worn expect if it is casual Friday. In this instance, a graphic tee is really a must-have item. Instead of wearing your graphic tee with a pair of jeans, tuck it into a plain midi, mini or a-line skirt with some heels, scrappy sandals, ankle boots or clogs. This will make the tee pop in a classy way while also being playful, fun and edgy. This look can also easily carry over into the evening if you have plans to hit the club or go for drinks.


3). Under a blazer.

When the cooler months approach, it is more difficult to wear your graphic tee without something warmer over it. Graphic tees that are carefully paired with the right blazer give a wonderfully sophisticated, polished yet fun look. This can be worn with a pair of smart, wide-legged pants, a plain midi skirt or even your favorite skinny jeans. A tweed blazer will transform this look into an effortless hipster outfit and adding a pair of mules or clogs will give it the perfect evening look.



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