“The Petite Girl’s Guide to Style” Blog Post by Tara Aman

“The Petite Girl’s Guide to Style” Blog Post by Tara Aman
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Hi Indigo Closet family!
My name is Tara and I’m super excited to be the first guest feature on this blog. I have had pleasure of working with the lovely ladies at Indigo Closet and have been so blessed by my interactions!
Here’s just a little bit about me before we dive in: I’m a 20 year old student, studying Biblical Counseling and blogging on the side. In October 2018, I launched my blog (www.immeasurablymoreblog.com) and instantly fell in love with writing, sharing my life and meeting amazing new people. I am so blessed by all the opportunities that I have been given and I’m thrilled to share a few fashion tips with you all.
The reason why I chose to write on petite styling is because I am a whopping 5 foot 3 inches! I’ve always been told that I’m on the shorter side...and I definitely am. When I go shopping, I always have to try on dresses, skirts and pants because I have the shortest legs! I thought it’d be perfect to reach out to my petite gals and offer advice on how to style for height. Just because some of us gals are shorter, doesn’t mean we can’t dress stylishly!
Here are four tips for petite styling...

#1: High waisted anything is your friend.
I used to wear the regular and low rise jeans. They never looked right on me -- they hit me at the wrong spot and they made my waist look bigger and my legs look shorter. That’s NOT what we want! High waisted bottoms elevate your waistline and make it appear higher than it is. Whether you’re wearing denim or skirts, it draws the eye higher and also sinches in the waist. It makes your legs look longer too! (Who doesn’t want that?!)

#2: Wear more pointed shoes.
Pointed shoes (or any shoe with a V-vamp) are an extremely effortless accessory to add to your look! Now, I know some people aren’t on the pointed-toe trend, but it has seriously elevated my outfits. This trend can be worn in any form: flats, pumps or boots. Pointed shoes visually extend your legs and give you a more slimming appearance. Plus, they appear very sophisticated.
#3: Don’t be afraid to tailor your pieces.
This tip may seem like a hassle, but I promise you it’s worth it! When a piece of clothing is tailored specifically to your body, it can add so much to your look. For instance, maybe you have a nice pair of dress pants. You love the fabric and the feel, but they’re too long at the hem. Find a local tailor and get the item taken in to fit you. Same goes for something like a blazer. A nicely tailored blazer can lengthen your torso, cinch your waist and slim the hips! Tailoring can be a task, but it’s worth the investment.
#4: Embrace the oversized look.
Just because you’re on the shorter size doesn’t exclude you from the oversized trend! If you’re anything like me, you love this comfy look. Not only is it on trend… it’s seriously comfortable! Don’t be afraid of the oversized look. Here’s my biggest tip: Be aware of your proportions. Example: If you wear a giant, baggy turtleneck, pair it with a slim pair of leggings or jean. And if you wear a cute pair of paper-bag waisted pants, wear a fitted top. These combinations look the best but feel free to embrace the oversized look and enjoy yourself!

And those are my tips for styling petite! If you’re looking for any pieces like I described in this post, Indigo Closet has a lot of gorgeous options. I hope you enjoyed these tips and learned a lil something. This was such a blast and I am so blessed to write for this sweet company.
All my love,
Tara Sun
(Come say hi over on Instagram @miss_tara_sun!)


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